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Snack café Bar

Αt the bar you will find a variety of drinks, refreshing cocktails, juices, soft drinks and herbal infusions while cold dishes and breakfast menus with local ecological products are served. Relax in the bar while your children play next to the specially designed area, and find out there some detailed information on the area. The bar stays open all day long, always having respect for the relaxing and quiet atmosphere of the whole complex.

Kid's Planet

Τhe specially designed children's playground, in addition to the wide variety of games it offers, strives to emphasize the development of their imagination, their mood for observation and adventure, and their familiarity with nature and its materials such as wood, stone, soil. Browse with them in the gardens with the aromatic herbs and the summer vegetables, smell and taste the fruits, while learning the type of each plant. Explore the microcosm with your children, climb with them in the tree-house, enjoy the starry summer sky. Let the children weave the fairy tales.

Swimming Pool

The organization of the outdoor area was based on ensuring the comfort and experience of living in a natural environment. The centrally located swimming pool offers visual contact from all the balconies of the apartments. Take advantage of the outdoor fireplace near the swimming pool area during early/ late season and warm up your evenings and spirit.


Enjoy eating outdoor in the fully equipped barbecue. The barbecue area next to the playground offers to the family the possibility of parallel activities.
Small pond: Take a walk around the pond, discover the variety of plants and try the strawberries that grow around.
Parking area: Park your car free of charge in one of the nine parking spaces secured for each apartment.


The cultivation of olive trees, vines and summer gardens is done by using ecological traditional techniques and is based on the use of minerals (such as zeolite, copper, calcium and sulfur) and hand-made antiparasitics (such as propolis, soap and alcohol). Our sensitivity to maintaining local biodiversity has led us to plant local varieties of vines and to experiment with the maintenance of traditional seeds for our vegetables. You are welcome to explore the visitable gardens, take a close look at the plants, smell and taste their fruits. Discover the vegetables with the help of the sighs and fill up your home basket.

We here in Petrina continue to be inspired by the particular morphological characteristics of the area that are the ones that allow the occupation with tourism and at the same time with agriculture and fishing. In the autumn, the picking of the olives and in spring time the pruning of the olive trees, the cultivation of the vines throughout the summer and the harvest in September, the pressing of the grapes by the new members of the family and the first must, the preparation of paragadi (traditional fishing) and its gathering in the dawn are only a few of the activities that visitors have the opportunity to observe and that inevitably determine our daily contact with what is called the local ecosystem.